Jonathan and David Desatoff's Home Page

Welcome to our website for our twin boys. We will be telling our story, posting pictures, and responding to questions as best we can. We would like to first, take this moment to Praise God for the blessings that we do have and for all the people who have helped us along this tremendous journey. Words can never say how all the support and prayers have carried us through this 13 year journey.....this journey that God has chosen for us is more difficult than we could have ever imagined.  
We also wanted to help educate those that are interested and through our story, spread compassion towards all those that have special needs.  For those that are touched by our story you are welcome to share our link with your family and friends.  If you would like to offer support in any way contact us personally at edesatoff@gmail.com.  This website is a work in progress and updates will be posted regularly so check back with us often.
                  Boys at 14 Months old                 Davey so happy Papa took him to the fair        Jonathan 7 yrs. old at the fair                    Sleeping angels 8 years old

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